Business Planning

One of the most important stages of any business is its formation.  The legal steps taken at this crucial stage have implications that can help or hinder a business for its entire lifetime.

At Barrett, Easterday, Cunningham & Eselgroth, LLP, we help farmers, agricultural producers, agribusinesses (including cooperatives), trucking companies, machine shops, dentists and a variety of other small businesses with all of the necessary legal documents and processes associated with business formation.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in this important area of law.

How you operate the business can also have profound impact on your personal liability protection. It is important for you to operate the business like a business; you should not use the business bank account as your personal checking account. You should also sign every contract and legal document in your representative capacity as an officer or manager of the company, so that everyone with whom you have business dealings sees that you are operating on behalf of the company.

At Barrett, Easterday, Cunningham & Eselgroth, LLP, we help farmers and other entrepreneurs with all of the legal details of business formation.  It is very important to choose the type of business entity (LLC for instance, which is good for many businesses but may be a trap for some farm planning situations) that best suits the goals of your business.  We will work with you and closely examine your finances, overhead, employment issues, tax concerns and other important issues to determine the best course of action for your business.  If you are starting an agricultural enterprise or any other business, it is important to get started on the right foot. We can help you meet that goal.

As the company transitions in its life cycle, it is equally important to address business succession planning issues. This usually involves buy-sell provisions that address who may become an owner and under what conditions, as well as who has a right to buy shares and on what terms. It is good to agree to these provisions before there is a problem.

Our attorneys can help with:

  • Business Formation
  • Governance (Articles/Bylaws)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Dissolution
  • Succession Planning
  • Business & Corporate Law
  • Family Business Organization, Reorganization, and Dissolution

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