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BECE attorneys are passionate advocates for agriculture. We grew up working on our families’ farms, have several bachelor’s degrees in agriculture among us, and a couple of us even worked in other agriculture-related careers before we became lawyers serving agriculture. While we are not picking strawberries and pumpkins, feeding calves, or shearing sheep any more, we have an appreciation for the work our clients do every day to feed the world’s growing population. (Some of us still have our hands in the dirt and our seats in the tractor part-time.)

We serve farmers with estate, business planning, and tax planning and preparation. We mediate and advocate for clients in family businesses who may no longer want to be in business together. We provide counsel on a vast array of real property issues, including farm leases and landlord-tenant disputes, sales and purchases, like-kind exchanges, easements, boundary line and fence line disputes, and ditch petitions. Eminent domain, agricultural easements, hunting leases, timber contracts, oil and gas leases, pipeline easements, sale of farmland to aggregate companies and commercial and residential developers – we have experience with them all.

We advise farmer cooperatives and agribusinesses who supply, market and process agricultural commodities; assist agribusinesses with transportation issues, whether by truck, train, barge or ship; help our clients with a varied and growing number of statutory and regulatory issues, from real estate taxes to OSHA inspections, employment laws and issues to EPA and ODA regulations, stray livestock to ODOT agricultural exemptions. We counsel people and pet food companies as they strive for the safest possible food and feed supply.

We also work on a regular basis with agricultural trade associations and check-off programs, writing contracts, advising and training boards, and assisting with employment issues.

That’s enough of the generalities. Here are some specifics so you have a better idea of what BECE can do to serve you:

  • Did your cows go astray on a dark and rainy night? Or did your neighbor mow down your crops? We’ve handled court cases like that.
  • Have you been promised the farm? Please don’t wait until you are almost 60 years old to seek counsel. Yes, we do see these situations.
  • Have you promised your farming children the farm? Please don’t wait until your children are 60 to call a lawyer to help plan for the future of the family business. Yes, we have helped with planning in these circumstances.
  • Need your grain contracts reviewed? David reviews grain contracts on a regular basis and brings his many years of experience to the task.
  • Does the county drainage ditch do everything but drain and your efforts seem to be in vain? We have the experience with drainage laws to help.
  • Does your agribusiness have a dispute with another grain company or foreign shipper? We can help with contracts and arbitration under NGFA or Gafta rules. Call David, Troy or Amanda.
  • Do you suspect an embezzler in your organization? We can help you plan appropriate steps to address the issue.
  • Do you want to set up a limited liability company for your growing business? We can help with that.
  • Is the extent of your company’s drug policy “don’t use drugs”? You might want to give us a call before a real problem arises.
  • Do you worry about your estate going through probate? Call Russell, Sharon or Jeff.
  • Do you need help making a Section 2032A election for valuation of farmland in an estate? Jeff knows all the particulars.

This is just a sample of what BECE has to offer.  Our attorneys handle a wide variety of issues, including:


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